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Carlann Scherping

I am primarily a landscape artist working in acrylic and watercolor. My husband and I spend most weekends either hiking in the forests of Western North Carolina or on a lake kayaking.  I take photographs to capture light and color, or how water reacts as it cascades over rocks in the river, but my paintings of rivers and waterfalls are  purely from my imagination. 


IMy work is on display at Medina's Bistro in Chimney Rock (see the hanging schedule for Medina's to see when my work is there.)   You can also see some of my paintings inside Amy Wald's beautiful natural wood frames.  You can see her work on this website. 

Member Tryon Painters and Sculptors 

If you like my paintings and would like to see more, email at


Acrylic 16 x 20

John Rock Trail.jpg

Acrylic 16 x 20


Water color 16 x 20

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