Meeting Notes: 

See what fun we have at our meetings.  Join us!

The meeting Notes for April 8 are done a little differently.  Please just click on the link to read the notes.  Below are the photos.


Fourteen of your friends met online on March 25.  


Future meeting Schedule:

4/8/21: Hosted by June Ellen  at  Adawehi

4/22/21: Hosted by Mattie at the Transfiguration Preserve (Plein Air Painting or Drawing)

5/13/21: Hosted by Deborah

5/27/21: Hosted by Laura, Marlene, Julie, Jean at Bill’s Mountain Clubhouse (Edible Art)

6/10/21: Hosted by Susan (Painting Fairly Rocks)


 Website: Carlann has done a beautiful job with the website.  Carlann would like to see a variety of artists and art published on the site so please send her your pictures. At some point, we will need to collect $15 to host the domain.


Lake Lure Art Show: Amy announced that the Art Show will be held on the Saturday before Thanksgiving at the Lake Lure Municipal Hall on 11/13/21.  


. Bears: Amy will be distributing the bears to be painted for the Flowering Bridge Displays.


 The Lodge: Sharon announced that the Lodge was reopening in May and that artists could show their art there.  She hopes we will be able to have a gathering to show the art in the future and she will keep everyone posted.


. Craft Show: Julie M announced that a craft show was going to be held on Mother’s Day weekend and she was going to be showing her jewelry and Lori’s Scarves. She encouraged others to join or attend the show.


 Art Showcased:

·         Charlene showed a couple of her new fluid art horse paintings,

·         Marlene showed a new landscape with mountains and wild flowers.

·         Sharon showed a new weaving projecting she has been working on.

·         Julie M showed a few cards that she has created with water color paintings by Carlann and Lori

·         Carlann showed her new painted Fairy Rock that we will be creating when Susan Gibson hosts the meeting 6/10.

·         June Ellen showed a new landscape painting.


 Demonstration: Carlann introduced a video demonstration of water color painting by Christopher Leeper. It was amazing to see him create a water color painting of boats at a dock. If anyone missed the session you can view his videos at his website at:

Carlann has been taking private lessons from him.  The private lessons are $50 for three hours.  He also teaches group lessons for $25.


10. Next meeting: The next meeting is 4/8/21 at Adawehi hosted by June Ellen.  Carlann will send out instructions on how to get there. 

Meeting Notes March 11, 2021:  Nine of your art friends met at the picnic tables at Lake Lure Beach.  ( I wasn't there, so this will be Cliff Notes!)   Amy directed the art activity today and the participants painted leaves.   She also advised how to stretch Sarah's felting art that she brought.  Julie introduced her neighbor, Emmy Bowers who does collage art.  We talked about the Art show in November and Moe will follow up on getting the space.  New member Kirah joined us.   (Told you it was Cliff Notes...)

So just enjoy the photos!  Those are some pretty leaves











Meeting Notes  February 25, 2021

Thirteen of your friends met at Morse park for a tailgate Show and Tell.   The next meeting will be at the beach on March 11.  Amy will have the program.  More on that when she nails that down.    Lori has taken charge of scheduling the Library easel and glass case.  If you are interested in displaying there, please let her know.  Check the hanging schedule for Medina's and the Library.  


Latest News:  We decided that we would have our annual art show in November a weekend or two before Thanksgiving. 


Moe reported that we ended up with enough money for two bricks at the Flowering Bridge.  One from our contributions and another from Deborah Jackson.  Any future money coming in will go into our fund to help pay for the Bear Project that is coming up.  The Bridge has asked us to paint Bears to go on the bridge in the fall.  We will get the forms of these walking bears in the next month or so and have plenty of time to paint them.  Our Sun project raised $2400 and they are hoping the bears will bring in twice as much. This time the artists will be signing their bears and getting recognition for their work. 

Art Show and Tell: 

Jennifer shared bead art featuring 49K beads. 

Lise has a new large format printer and is willing to share if needed.  She shared a Christmas card she painted of her grandchildren. Lise also shared her crochet projects. 

Amy brought an 11 x 14 frame she found at for $5.  Good quality. Check it out!

Carlann shared her recent watercolor done during an online lesson with Chris Leeper.  Chris is still planning to come to do the two workshops scheduled for last spring when COVID allows.

Lori shared several felt pieces she has made using the wet felting technique.

Moe brought earrings of a rare and hard to come by Sleeping Beauty turquoise.

Julie M shared Valentine cards that she has made from a variety of materials.

Deborah brought her acrylic painting of her angel wing begonia. 

Julie S shared oil paintings in progress (she didn't want photos taken, but the one of the diver is so amazing even in what she called the ugly stage, I had to take a photo of it.  The process of layering to get to the finished piece is such an interesting thing. I had to share it.)  Beautiful even in its ugly stage!

Sara brought some felting and a machine applique piece of a dog that was pretty amazing. 

Laura brought amazingly decorated cookies.  It's always great to have a food artist in the group!  

Julie T came early but had to leave before we shared.  

It was so good to see so many come out.  Enjoy the photos!   Apologies for the photos I didn't get!  
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Learning to make rope, building faerie homes, enjoying the beauty of nature!