Meeting Notes: 

See what fun we have at our meetings.  Join us!

Meeting Notes  February 25, 2021

Thirteen of your friends met at Morse park for a tailgate Show and Tell.   The next meeting will be at the beach on March 11.  Amy will have the program.  More on that when she nails that down.    Lori has taken charge of scheduling the Library easel and glass case.  If you are interested in displaying there, please let her know.  Check the hanging schedule for Medina's and the Library.  


Latest News:  We decided that we would have our annual art show in November a weekend or two before Thanksgiving. 


Moe reported that we ended up with enough money for two bricks at the Flowering Bridge.  One from our contributions and another from Deborah Jackson.  Any future money coming in will go into our fund to help pay for the Bear Project that is coming up.  The Bridge has asked us to paint Bears to go on the bridge in the fall.  We will get the forms of these walking bears in the next month or so and have plenty of time to paint them.  Our Sun project raised $2400 and they are hoping the bears will bring in twice as much. This time the artists will be signing their bears and getting recognition for their work. 

Art Show and Tell: 

Jennifer shared bead art featuring 49K beads. 

Lise has a new large format printer and is willing to share if needed.  She shared a Christmas card she painted of her grandchildren. Lise also shared her crochet projects. 

Amy brought an 11 x 14 frame she found at for $5.  Good quality. Check it out!

Carlann shared her recent watercolor done during an online lesson with Chris Leeper.  Chris is still planning to come to do the two workshops scheduled for last spring when COVID allows.

Lori shared several felt pieces she has made using the wet felting technique.

Moe brought earrings of a rare and hard to come by Sleeping Beauty turquoise.

Julie M shared Valentine cards that she has made from a variety of materials.

Deborah brought her acrylic painting of her angel wing begonia. 

Julie S shared oil paintings in progress (she didn't want photos taken, but the one of the diver is so amazing even in what she called the ugly stage, I had to take a photo of it.  The process of layering to get to the finished piece is such an interesting thing. I had to share it.)  Beautiful even in its ugly stage!

Sara brought some felting and a machine applique piece of a dog that was pretty amazing. 

Laura brought amazingly decorated cookies.  It's always great to have a food artist in the group!  

Julie T came early but had to leave before we shared.  

It was so good to see so many come out.  Enjoy the photos!   Apologies for the photos I didn't get!  
Double click on an image to see the full image.  Use the arrow to slide the images across.  

Meeting Notes  February 11, 2021

Seventeen of your friends met this morning on line to plan for future meetings and to enjoy Lori's wet felting demo.  

Thanks to all who were able to join.   


Next meeting will be on Feb 25 online.  We will do a show and tell.  If perhaps the weather turns out to be another day in the upper 50s or so, we will tailgate at Morse Park's parking area near the marina.  


March 11 we will meet at Lake Lure - more on that -  Amy will host. 


Amy will send out information on the hanging schedule. We didn't want to do that today online since many of the ones who usually display in these places were not online with us.   Please look for that email in the future if you would like to participate in the glass case, the easel or Medina's.  Also think about hosting a meeting in the future when we can meet outside.  


Moe shared that the LL Flowering Bridge has a sale on bricks for $160.  She will send out an email about this.  We agreed that we would like to chip in for a brick.  Look for Moe's email. 


Art news:  Carlann shared online classes with Chris Leeper.  She is taking private online lessons.   Here is the link for those who are interested.


Amy has arranged for the LLA to do another project for the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge.  This time we will have bears.  We will probably get them in mid March but they won't be due until October.  These will be painted however we wish .. flowers, etc.  whatever.


Sharon has taken up weaving. She also shared the Lodge is up for sale, so she isn't sure about the future there. 


  Autumn shared a hat she crocheted. 


 Kathy H is doing glasswork with several layers and hopes to share that at our Feb 25 meeting.  


Lori shared wet felting with the group and will send us directions.  

Thanks Lori!

Meeting Notes   November 12, 2020

Ten of your friends met today at Jennifer's house on the big screened porch and created mandalas.  Amy brought paints and lots of tools, and she gave a quick reminder of how to do the dots.  We wanted to get right to the painting, so art news was short.

Julie went to the Fiber Arts Festival in Asheville and was so excited about what she learned and about the things she bought to do fiber arts.  She shared a small llama that she made by felting.  A link to more Fiber arts information and things coming up will be in a separate email. 


Upcoming news:  Next meeting will be the Christmas party    December 10

Here is the plan:   Laura and Marlene  have reserved The Vista Clubhouse (indoor and outdoor space) with a cozy fire indoors and outdoors for the Dec. 10th meeting from 9:30-12:00.    


We will bring items to donate to the Hospice Pantry.  This food is taken to homebound palliative care patients by the Hospice nurses.  Often they find that these people have no food.  The things we need are very specific, so please stick to the list.   The food must be easy to chew, something they can just open (single serving) and eat or open , add water and microwave. Many of these people have no family to care for them and their only interaction is Meals on Wheels and Hospice.  (food list will follow... and I'll resend it closer to Dec 10)


In addition to bringing food for Hospice, bring a gift for our gift swapping frenzy.  It should be art ...(but that's a very loose term here ... maybe artistic is a better way to describe this ..) It can be yours or something you have around the house.  It can be seriously good art or it can be one of those things that you wonder why anyone would even think it was artistic.  We will do all of this socially distanced  and masked ... and since it will be outside, we think we can be really safe with this.  


I will ask for an RSVP when we get a little closer so we can be sure we have enough space.  If we have to move indoors, we are currently limited to 10 people according to the Phase 3 rules.  That may change by Dec 10.    We will be outside, so we can have more, but we will make decisions based on what is safe for our members as we get closer to the date.  


 Hospice Pantry items: 

Ensure or Equate or Glucerna or Boost

Individual Jello cups, pudding cups, apple sauce, fruit cups

Individual mac and cheese, other pastas 

Individually wrapped soft cakes and cookies

Individual microwave soups


Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  


eeting Notes October 22

Nine of your artist friends met today at Morse Park and had a great tailgate meeting.  We enjoyed the lovely weather and shared ideas and art.  Here is what you missed.


Where are We?

Carlann's art is in Medinas (and when I went to lunch there today, I had sold 2 paintings since last Thursday! )     Amy will swap out on Nov. 15.    Julie S is on the easel for Oct and November and Julie M and others are in the glass case with needle felting. 


Laura shared her art ... cranberry orange scones.  Oh my!  See what you miss when you can't come!


What's Next?

The November 12 meeting - place to be announced - will possibly be doing Mandala art on stones that can be  part of our Abandoned Art Project.  (More on that later in this email and attached).    


December 10 we will have a food drive - a list of what is needed will come later - and an art gift exchange.  We decided on bringing some piece of art as a gift that we can put in the middle of the floor and swap out in some greedy unChristmas like way while having a lot of fun and laughs.  This will be outside and socially distanced and masked.  More on the details later as to whether we want this as a goofy gift or a better gift.  Send me your thoughts.  


In January or maybe February we are going to have Ohio Artist Chris Leeper lead us in a online workshop (mini).  Please let me know if you prefer a watercolor or acrylic version.  He will do a demo that we can paint along with or just watch. Discussion periods will be included.  


For spring we have a sun printing workshop planned and Amy has a BEAR project for the Flowering Bridge for us to do. The Suns that were made by LLA for the Bridge were auctioned off and raised $2800 for the Bridge, so we are going to embark on another project for them that will end up as a fundraiser, too.   Amy will cut out bears for us to paint ... edges sealed and the boards primed to last longer.  We can do sayings or scenes or whatever on the bears.   We will revisit this with the number of people interested - so let me know if you think you want to do this.  The good news is that they don't want the bears until the fall 2021.  Time ....



Lori's class at Tryon Painters and Sculptors was cancelled due to too few signing up.  She is involved in a challenge with the Nature Print Society .. Skeletons.  Check out their page and see her print at


Jennifer:  They have been picking out new flooring, so she had lots of sample of flooring in little squares that would be great for painting mandalas or small paintings.   She gave those out to those who wanted them.  


Julie and Lori did Sun prints and shared their pieces.  This is using a special ink on fabric that is responsive to sunlight and presents a negative (white space) where light doesn't reach.  By putting plants or stencils or other objects on the fabric after it is painted, you get interesting patterns and designs.  I didn't get a picture of theirs, so this is one I did with them.   This will be a fun workshop.   


Charlene D shared locker hooking.  Really interesting. 

Laura shared the needle felting she was doing. She really likes this new art we learned! (sorry I didn't get a photo of everything!

Deoborah had a portrait she had done of her 102 year old mother.  Amazing.




We have a Facebook page that is a group page.  That means you have to be invited to join and then only those who are invited and join can post, so we don't have to deal with unwanted posts.  So, if you would like to take part and didn't join this way back a year or so ago, go to this link   and click invite and invite yourself.    With my limited understanding, I th

ink this may be something that lets us post our art and then comment on it.  We'll see. 


Art Abandonment.   This is a "project" where you leave a piece of art with a note explaining that it is a gift somewhere public.  You take a photo of where you left it, and you walk away.  This is a movement of sorts that is worldwide and has thousands of members.  You can learn more about it at the FB page

I am attaching some information, but it is also available on the FB page for you to read.  The art day when we make Mandala stones could be the kind of art you leave behind.  REad about it and check out the attachment for ideas.   We can do this on our own or we can do this as a group.  We thought it sounded like a great way to bring some smiles and happiness to others. Leave your art in public places, tourist spots, shopping carts in the parking lot, beside a tree in the park ....  be creative and don't get seen leaving it.  You will share a way for the finder to let you know it was found.       Here is the link for  some information


FInally:  Laura invited us to a Veterans Day Program that will be on Nov 11 at Rumbling Bald Resort gazebo on the beach.  It will last about 30 minutes. Outside, socially distanced, masks please.  Breakfast will be served on the Terrace - vets and families eat free others $5.  Spread the word and let's celebrate these wonderful folks who make it possible for us to have the freedoms we cherish.



Hi Lake Lure Artists

On October 8, 2020,  16 of your friends met at the Transfiguration Preserve hosted by Mattie.  Fifteen of us were there in person and Veryle Lynn joined us via the magic of technology.  VL gave us a tour of her studio and invited us down for a meeting when the COVID thing makes that possible again.  It was great being able to see and hear VL. 


Many thanks to Mattie for hosting this in such a beautiful place.  Perfect for some Plein Air artwork and enjoying the beauty of nature. 


Web discussed ways to keep meeting in ways that will bring us together safely and how to also keep some of those connected who just don't feel comfortable yet meeting in person.  

I will update the Website with meeting dates, etc   Meanwhile, here is what we have planned through December. 


Our next meeting is October 22nd at 9:30 at the Church of the Transfiguration in the parking lot. We are tailgating.  we will circle up our cars and let in our hatchbacks or cars or pick up trucks ..whatever.  Bring a piece of art to share if you can.  

November 12 meeting will be on line - not sure what the topic will be yet, but we are thinking about it.


Our Dec 10 meeting is going to be a food drive for either Hospice  or Hickory Nut Gorge Outreach.  More on that as we get closer to the date.  We will let you know the items and where we will meet to drop them off.  


We discussed the possibility of having a demo online of something someone would like to teach.  We may give that a try when the weather is too cold to meet outside.  


LIBRARY Easel:   Julie S is in there now and will stay through November .  Milan has December

LIBRARY Case:  something is in there now but we are not sure if it is a LLA or not.  Julie M will look into that and arrange for some of our needle felting to be in the case.  




Meetings:   If you RSVP for a meeting, please try to also show up.  And if you know there is going to be some kind of activity that the host has prepared materials for, please RSVP and don't just show up.   It has been a problem.  However, today everyone that signed up showed up.  And a few extras!





Lori:  Lori is teaching Steam Eco Dying at Tryon Painters and Sculptors.  She also shared the scarf she made - there is a photo in the Inspire me challenge on the website of the botanicals that she used ... so you get the before.  (Sorry I didn't take an after photo.


Deborah :  Reminded us that Starving Artist has put in a lot of new products - pastels and acrylics, etc.  They are limiting the customers to 2 at a time in the store and they have curbside pickup .  Everyone is masked and it feels very safe to go in there to shop.


Nancy Hoops:  Rumbling bald is interested in artists that might want to teach a class at the resort once a month..  if you want some info on doing that - yes, it pays, -Jean Kaufman  is the name of the person who contacted me.  She is a member of theBoard of Directors at Rumbling Bald.  Her phone number is :828-333-1126 Cell828-9638 home,
I know she would appreciate talking with you about the possibility of monthly classes
in Art.

Mattie shared that the Transfiguration Preserve is interested in having classes on nature
 drawing, journalling, plein aire, etc - and there is money for this also - If you are interested in this, let Mattie know.  


Moe reminded us of the auction of the Suns that are at the Flowering Bridge.  An email went out about this earlier. The Auction begins tomorrow and goes until the 18th.  Here is the link to bid beginning tomorrow morning at 9 (I think)    Bidding Owl     (check out both pages of items)

This is a fund raiser for the Bridge.  YOu analso go to their website and make a direct donation.  


Julie S:  Julie is taking a wheel throwing class at Tryon Arts and Crafts located at Harmon Field in Tryon.   They have class time and a scheduled studie time and her class is limited to 4 people.  


Mary Karr Williams sent a card to Amy and to Carlann to say that she wished she could attend the meetings but due to her husband's health and the fact that she is 93 ... she thinks it is wise not to meet in person but wants us to come to her house as soon as it is all safe again.  Mary is a founding member.  WE missed her beautiful garden this year!  And Mary!

Be on the lookout for the next challenge.... Thanks to the 12 who participated this time.  


Meeting Notes... July 11

Here are some notes from Thursday's meeting.

 4 of your artist friends met today at Kathy's house.  We met outside on the patio where we were able to safely social distance.  

Amy Wald, Julie Sutton, Linda Watkins and Kathy Hutchinson attended.

The discussion focused on great places to visit.  Amy shared on several great places she has visited while doing art shows on of which she will be attending this weekend.  Amy told us about several day drives around western NC.  She also loves to visit Carl Sandburg home in Flat Rock to see baby goats.  Linda shared a visit to Johnson Farm in Hendersonville.  Visiting Brookgreen Gardens in near Murrells Inlet, SC and Gibbs Gardens in Ballground, GA was recommended as they are beautifully done.

Linda mentioned classes with Joseph Fettingis who taught watercolor.  Look up his's amazing.

Julie is working in pastels, taking a class in Hendersonville and showed pics of a frame she created inspired by Amy's work.

Amy showed a piece of painted furniture she was on her way to deliver later  that day.. 

Kathy did a quick lesson on needle felting and showed some landscapes done with that technique.

 Amy reviewed the schedule for Medina's and the Mountains Branch Library as follows:

Medinas--Jennifer --July

                 Milan and Yanna --August



Library easel--Julie Sutton--Sept/October


Artists are needed for  the easel for August and November as well as the display case for all months.








Meeting Notes March 12 2020


What an amazing time we had doing silk scarves with Ina!!!  She spent hours of time prepping for this meeting and many of us were there till after 3:00 finishing our scarves.  She was a fabulous teacher and I can't wait to see all the finished pieces.  It was so funny to have the whole room go quiet once we started working...we are not known as a quiet group


We had little time to discuss business, but....


1.  Get your "flowers" or "water" artwork to Amy by March 30 if you want to display at Medina's for our Spring co-op show.  I think two pieces per artist will work.  You can drop them by the house or call Amy to arrange a time.


2.  We had a discussion of how Covid 19 will affect our group and whether we will put a hold on meetings.  It was agreed that for the foreseeable future we will not have indoor meetings.  The meeting for March 26th at Amy's is still on, in that if weather permits we can work outside on the deck.  Mary Karr Williams' meeting should also be good in that we usually meet outdoors.  The rest of the meetings will be a "wait and see", and further decisions can be made as we see what happens in this area

Meeting Notes Feb 27

Seventeen of us met to do egg gourd art with Susan Brooks.  Susan had egg gourds prepared for each participant. Susan demonstrated several techniques for painting the gourds and then left us to our own creativity.    We were so excited about getting to the eggs that we didn't share any news and no one took the time to take photos..... We had a great time! Thanks ,Susan. 

The schedule for meetings and library easel were changed.  See the website pages for that.

Eighteen members met on Feb 13 at the Parish Hall and enjoyed a multimedia  activity directed by Carlann.  Afterwards some of us went to lunch.  

We welcomed two new members:  Pat and Prudence.


Amy has volunteered us for a project at the Flowering Bridge: Here comes the Sun!  We will be decorating wooden suns that Amy will prepare for us.  These will be hung or installed at the Flowering Bridge and will stay up for a couple of months.  Amy will have everything ready for us for our March 26th meeting at her house.  

Kathy told us that the easel at the Library is often empty and she has been putting her work on it when she sees it empty.  We did update our hanging schedule at the meeting, so this should be better, but it is great that Kathy is at the Library frequently and can be sure that we have a presence there and not an empty easel.  

Carlann complimented Sharron on the Lodge on Lake Lure's Art Wednesday. Sharron is doing a beautiful job of hanging the art.  Carlann and many others stayed for a really nice dinner after the reception for the show.  

Sharron said they could use a few more lights.  These are battery powered and a pair of them is less than $25.  Carlann offered to buy a pair.  The other lights were donated by the Rutherford Arts Guild. 

Susan reported that her work has been chosen to be part of Artscape  Hendersonville.  ArtScape Hendersonville, a program of the Art League of Henderson County, is an annually changing cornucopia of 40 banners with the artwork of local artists on Main Street, 7th Avenue, and the downtown side streets creating a unique outdoor gallery experience.

A Celebration of the 2020-2021 ArtScape Banner Artists,” will be held at the Boys and Girls Club of Henderson County. The club is located in the historic 7th Avenue Historic District at 1304 Ashe Street. The date of our opening event is Saturday, April 4th, 2020. (a change from April 3rd) The event will begin at 5:00 pm and end at 7:00 pm. and will take place in the new, spacious front lobby of the club. It promises to be a first-class event with delicious chocolates provided by Kilwins and fabulous live music by Dan Keller and the Dan Keller Trio. Also, this is a great opportunity for you to meet the chosen artists for 2020-2021 and see the original artwork that will be reproduced to hang above the streets of Hendersonville when the ArtScape “art meets the sky.”    We are all invited.

Ina sent around a sign up sheet for the class she will be teaching on March 12 at our meeting. She has to order the silk and have the right amount of supplies, so everyone must be signed up to take this class. She has to make a frame for each participant.   It may already be filled, so if you are interested, please contact Ina directly.  The cost of the materials is $30. 


Susan will lead the next meeting at the Church. She will teach us how to make Egg Gourds.