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Pat Konicki

    C A P T U R I N G    C A R O L I N A    C O U N T R Y


Pat Konicki graduated from American Academy of Art and began her career as a graphic designer and illustrator in Chicago.  After relocating to Miami, Pat opened a graphic design and advertising firm focused on clients in the fashion, retail, healthcare and manufacturing industries.


Pat now resides in the Carolinas, where she derives much of her inspiration to pursue her love of painting.  The use of both watercolor and colored pencil offers a unique detailed study of often forgotten treasures found in the rural areas of North and South Carolina.


Looking past the obvious, close observation and engagement of the image is her process. The challenge is to see beyond the distraction of the decay, abandoned or dismissed and capture its splendor. Some of the subjects are quite ordinary, others less so. Her goal is to inspire those who see her work to look more carefully at the world around them, to discover beauty in unusual places.

She is a contributing member of the Southern Arts Society and Rutherford County’s Visual Artists Center. A variety of events and shows are being planned. Check back regularly to see her updated schedule.

Her work can be found at

Flag Barn.jpeg
Green Tuck Brown Barn.jpeg
Lake Lure Gazebo Konicki1.jpeg
Old Timer.jpeg
Life Liberty.jpeg
Red Barn with Blue Car.jpeg
Lake Lure 1927 Inn Konicki.jpeg
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