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Here is what some of our Lake Lure Artists are doing to pass the time during our Sheltering at Home.

I was trying some water color, not finished. Interrupted it to work in the yard. We were spreading mulch /so far two dump trucks, one more to go/ and now I need to put back in the ground plants I dough up last fall. We got a lot of work done. Yeah! Here is the painting I am working on.


For more on our artists work during this time, Check out the FB page for the Town of Lake Lure.  They are featuring artists .


Many artists have joined with others or are working alone to make masks.  As usual, it looks like you everyone is  figuring out ways to be creative.  I have added some new photos to this... scroll down!


Susan Brooks is all ready for the glass case at Mtn Branch Library for April... no now place to go! 

Sharron says:  And so it begins!

And look!  Finished product!  Thanks Ina for showing us how.

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